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Application available on mobile devices and PC (Web browser)

Offline mode

Unlimited number of projects

User customisation of App with no outside assistance

Possibility of including all types of forms relating to briefing and training, maintenance schedules, operating methods and procedures

Expert and Premium

App generator – Multi App rights

Expert and Premium

Access to advanced customisation options

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Monitoring and sharing of observations (defects, non-conformities)

Activity journal and traceability of entered data

Sharing of forms and checklists

Multiple user signatures

Diary and history

Production of high-quality, consolidated reports

Planning of missions and inspection visits

Expert and Premium

Management information, KPI and real-time view of projects

Expert and Premium

Non-conformities annotated and tagged on plans and photos

Expert and Premium

Software functions

Export of raw data – XLS export

Creation of teams, management of multi-team and multi-subsidiary rights

Integration – API


Dedicated database

Expert and Premium

Option to host data in-house


Help and services

Telephone and email hotline

Bespoke configuration services


Integration – API

Digital transformation.

We answer your questions.

Can I include my own checklists and inspection schedules?

Your inspection checklist has changed? You want to add other themes? Duplicate your checklist to suit another model of wind turbine? Configuration is very quick. The module that we propose can be conserved, modified or completely replaced by your own checklists and inspection guidelines.

How do I save time?

All our clients consider that they have genuinely saved time. WindAproov360 avoids entering the same data more than once and saves time in data transmission. The App deals with non-conformities better and faster. Publication of reports is 100% faster. Access to consolidated data improves decision-making.

Can we use specific monitoring criteria for each type of component?

If you are aiming at improved performance, it can be useful to replace the traditional “OK/NOT OK” by precise criteria adapted to the wind turbine component being inspected. WindAproov360 offers very advanced yet very simple configuration functions. This level of precision provides faster, more precise and better qualified data.

Is it possible to carry out both Onshore and Offshore wind farm inspections with WindAproove360?

Yes. The application is designed to adapt to the inspection of all types of wind turbines, both Onshore and Offshore. It can incorporate all types of inspection checklists depending on the manufacturer and version of wind turbine.

We have several wind farms. What can we do?

WindAproov360 enables your application to be attached to a personalised list of farms and turbines. In the administration interface you can configure and structure this list of “projects” over four levels.

How can we manage action plans and punch-lists?

The configuration of action points attached to a question or answer field may have several objectives: observations, alerts, notifications, reservations, non-conformities… WindAproov360 enables this function to be configured in the required areas of the application in order to produce lists of non-conformities that can be administered by authorised personnel (punch-list management).

We have several activities and several operational subjects. What can we do?

Your inspection application can easily evolve to cover other themes (QHSE management, COVID prevention, audit for ISO 45001 certification, etc.) or to cover other industrial equipment. You just need to add modules or use our libraries.

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